China Is Confident In Year Of The Monkey

China Is Confident In Year Of The Monkey

Monday, with the start of the Year of the Monkey, it is time to renew hopes.

China is able to overcome the economic difficulties in this Lunar New Year and moves ever closer toward a moderately prosperous society.

The country is confident it can sustain medium-high growth speed and continue to create opportunities for all investors.

The confidence comes from the solid determination and concrete actions of the leadership to push ahead with reform and further open up the world’s second largest economy to the rest of the world.

The confidence stems from China’s great development potential and economic resilience, as much as the government’s powerful and efficient policies.

There is no change to China’s economic fundamentals, which are sound, stable and capable of sustaining long-term prosperity.

There is no change in China’s economic traits, which are marked by resilience, potential and leeway.

There is no change in the advancing trend of the Chinese economy, which is now restructuring and upgrading.

In the Lunar New Year, growth will rely more on innovation, and policymakers will continue to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

The country will strive to narrow regional and urban-rural gaps to achieve the goal of building a “moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.”

The government will continue to make GDP growth greener and strike a balance between economic expansion and environmental protection.

China will open its door wider to the outside world and share the fruits of its economic development with overseas investors who seek win-win results.

Chinese leaders will try to increase the inclusiveness of growth so that all investors and market entities can enjoy the benefits in a fairer way.

The country will not go back on its commitments to solicit foreign investment, safeguard overseas investors’ lawful interests, and provide better government services to them.

Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity!

(In Mandarin: 福禄寿,pronounced: fú lù shòu)

Paul Ebeling

West Brook Radio

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