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Easy Technologies, Inc.
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Based in British Columbia, Canada, Easy Technologies is an upcoming name for venture capital in venture gaming sector. Easy Technologies is renowned for developing advanced internet platforms in the online gaming area. Easytech provides the innovation, technology, and organizational framework behind many exciting software releases.

Easy Technologies is a venture capital firm that invests in exciting new opportunities in the technology sector and brings dynamic products and services to market. With Easy Technologies, innovation comes as standard. Our partners benefit from investment to develop products and services, industry expertise to deliver value to end users and the ability to find an engage the target audience. Easy Technologies redefines the venture capital paradigm, working with exciting new companies and start-ups to deliver not only funding, but also knowledge, support, guidance and a clear path to market. In short, we take ground-breaking ideas and make them into reality.

Easy Technologies has broken new ground in various areas of technological development by partnering with some of the most exciting companies worldwide.

With a track record of successful projects and partnerships, Easy Technologies looks to the future. With an eye on the latest growth opportunities, Easy Technologies is in an uniquely strong position to fund, nurture and bring the latest innovations to market, and in a way that provides out-sized returns to investors.

Our flagship platform, House Trivia, is an exciting gaming platform that redefines the online gaming industry. With huge cash prizes, fantastic gameplay and a revolutionary new trivia concept, House Trivia sets the standard for online competitions. A test of knowledge and intellect, House Trivia turns online gaming on its head. Luck and gambling disappear in a game of knowledge that tests not your chances, but your brain power. Skill test sweepstakes are here, and House Trivia does it better than anyone else. Knowledge of trivia is rewarded in an exciting journey consisting of great gameplay and even better prizes. House Trivia is the brainchild of two dynamic technology companies, Skill Gaming LLC and Easy Technologies. Skill Gaming LLC are global leaders in gaming software and deliver online games known for their playability, high quality graphics and generous pay-outs. Easy Technologies Inc. is a publicly listed Company with a primary listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange, ticker: EZM | ISIN: CA27786D1042 Easy Technologies also has a USA public listing as a Fully Reporting US OTC Markets listing, ticker: EMYSF | ISIN: CA27786D1042 Additionally Easy Technologies Inc. has a secondary listing on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange, ticker: EY62 | ISIN: CA27786D1042 | WKN A2AEA9

HOUSETRIVIA.COM is an online trivia platform whereby users can compete against each other in trivia competitions in order to win prizes. House Trivia will host two types of trivia: House Trivia Exclusive Competitions and User Created Trivia Contests. House Trivia Exclusive Competitions House Trivia Exclusive Competitions are limited to 25,000 players. Entry fees will be USD $199.99 per player, with the first place winner of the contest winning a house valued at $1 Million. Prizes for 2nd and 3rd place include exotic sports cars and cash. User Created Trivia Contests User Created Trivia Contests allow users to create their own trivia contests and invite an unlimited amount of players. The user can choose for these contests to be free or to have an entry fee, that fee can range from $1.99 to $199.99. Users can select from “head to head” or “multiplayer” as well as “winner takes all” or “top 3” for multiplayer prize payouts.

A game of skill is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by metal or physical skill, rather than by chance. A game of skill generally has an element of chance, but skill plays a greater role in determining the outcome. This distinction between “chance” and “skill” has a legal significance in countries where chance games are treated differently from skill games. Two of the fastest growing and most successful skill based gaming websites in the U.S. are FanDuel and DraftKings. Fan Duel FanDuel, a New York based daily fantasy sports site, which allow users to win cash, was launched in 2009 and initially raised $1.2 Million in venture capital funding from Pentech Ventures and Scottish Enterprise. In just 6 years later the company secured a valuation of $1 Billion after raising $275 Million from KKR, Google Capital, and Time Warner. FanDuel has over 1 Million users and spends over $100M a year in advertising. Draft Kings Draft Kings, a Boston based daily fantasy sports site, which allows users to win cash, launched in 2012 and initially raised $1.4 Million in venture capital funding from Pentech Ventures and Scottish Enterprise. In just 3 years later the company secured a valuation of $900 Million after raising $250 Million from The Walt Disney Co. (Parent company of ESPN). Draft Kings has over 1 Million users and spends over $140M a year in advertising.

In addition to the massive market of over 1 Million daily fantasy sports players, House Trivia will also focus on existing online trivia players. Online trivia has gained signification traction in the past 3 years, even making its way onto iPhone and Android Apps. One of the newest and most popular apps is Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack Trivia Crack, a mobile game which launched in 2013, is a trivia quiz where players answer questions in subjects including entertainment, art, science, history and geography, chosen by spinning an on screen wheel. Trivia Crack is free to download, and makes its money from a blend of advertisements and in app purchases of spins, coins and boosts to the number of “lives” a player has. They can also choose to buy a premium version of the game that removes the ads. Trivia Crack has had over 100 Million downloads in the past 3 years. Marketing Campaigns Extensive marketing campaigns designed to drive participants to the website will be utilized for each House Trivia Exclusive Competition. Some campaigns will use television, radio, email and web based marketing to create awareness for the contests.

Featured Trivia Contests Each House Trivia Exclusive Competition will generate $5 Million in entry fees. Total prize payouts and marketing fees for each competition will be no more than $2.4 Million. We anticipate holding one House Trivia Exclusive Competition in year one and increasing to sixteen in year five. User Created Contests House Trivia charges a 25% transaction fee on the total entry fees for each User Created Trivia Contest. The other 75% goes into the total prize payout, the more entries the bigger the prize payout. We anticipate an average spend of $20 per user per contest. We anticipate 80,000 contest sign ups in year one increasing to 20,000,000 contest sign ups in year five.











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