The Co-Founder Of PayByPhone Is At It Again

How Glance Technologies, Inc. is innovating mobile payment


Have you felt it? The financial services industry is undergoing a major transformation. A new breed of tech start-ups has moved into financial services, disrupting how things are done from the inside out. And they are succeeding! You are likely using a financial mobile app already. Fintech companies are like the junior mining companies of financial services. Buying technology stocks in financial services is good diversification from mining stocks.

From mobile payment apps like Google Wallet and Apple Pay to robo-advisors like Betterment and Wealthfront gaining market share, the impetus to invest in fintech can no longer be ignored.

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An increasingly cashless society demonstrates that customers demand simple, faster mobile financial services. Disruptive fund payment and transfer companies like PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL), Square Inc. (NYSE:SQ) and PayByPhone gave customers what they want by removing inefficiencies in payment processing. PayPal created online payment. Square enabled credit card transactions on mobile devices. PayByPhone empowered drivers to pay for parking anywhere with their smartphone. PayByPhone is a Canadian success story. It was a fintech start-up based in Vancouver that was recently acquired by Volkswagen Financial Services. Investors of these successful disruptive fund payment companies have been generously rewarded.

Now, the creator of PayByPhone app has set his eyes on the restaurant industry, creating Glance Pay under Glance Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: GLNNF) (CSE:GET) to revolutionize a C$650 Billion restaurant bill payment industry. The Glance Pay app allows diners to pay their restaurant bill in seconds using their mobile phone while automatically receiving reward points. Gone are the days of waiting for the server to bring around the card machine. Restaurant owners benefit from automatic bill collection, built-in loyalty programs and turn-key in-app marketing.

The mobile phone has joined cash, debit card and credit cards as one of the four payment pillars. Large financial companies, like VISA and PayPal, have clearly seen the light in mobile payment and are continuously making acquisitions of innovative mobile payment technology companies. Glance Technologies is right there along the innovation curve.

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