Justin Trudeau On Marijuana: “The Law Remains The Law”

NDP MP Alistair MacGregor mildly but beautifully owns Justin Trudeau by calling him out for continuing to give criminal records to Canadians for possession of marijuana when Trudeau himself admitted to the crime. Hypocrite Trudeau then doubles down by hilariously trying to lay down the law by asserting “The Law Remains The Law!” while he’s currently under investigation for breaking the law.

Westbrook Radio Opinion: Some people are calling Justin Trudeau a hypocrite, some people are applauding him. We believe he is taking the necessary steps to Legalize Cannabis in Canada, and up until such point that it is, people have to remember, “The Law remains the Law”.

Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition does not work. It does not prevent young people from using marijuana and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug.

Arresting and prosecuting these offenses is expensive for our criminal justice system. It traps too many Canadians in the criminal justice system for minor, non-violent offenses. At the same time, the proceeds from the illegal drug trade support organized crime and greater threats to public safety, like human trafficking and hard drugs.

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